About Us

Hello, welcome to Pikkastore!

Here, you can find women's underwear and panties and other undergarments, we sell these undergarments are made of safe fabrics, all these goods are carefully selected.

Here's an inside look at Pikkastore's store concept:

Pikkastore is a close-fitting clothing store. The company from China Guangdong Shenzhen mainly focuses on women's intimate clothing.Sold to United States market.Our company name is Shenzhen Xiudan Technology Co., LTD. Our company is a young and modern company recognized by Chinese law, and all the products are true and effective. It adheres to the concept that "everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion".

Pikkastore fully integrates the best design and high quality logistics services , bringing the most fashionable, high quality and unique products to every woman. We believe that beauty belongs to all of us, not just a few.

Our core, we believe that each of us should look and feel our best, no matter what that looks like. Because beauty is not a gift, it's a right!

We are developing at an amazing speed, just to bring more surprises to every lady!